Our mouse ears come in two options;

Option 1: Black, Red & Yellow

Option 2:  Black, Red & White

Mouse Ear Teether's & Straps

  • 100% non-toxic food grade silicon, Untreated Beech wood

    Handmade in Canada! All teethers are strength tested and all new designs sent to a third party for additional testing prior to sale.

    Inspect all products regularly for damage, discard at first signs of wear and tear. Bainbridge Creations teething. Inspect and wash all products before first use and at regular intervals thereafter. Simply wash with mild soap and water, lay flat to dry. Never submerge wood products. To help preserve your wood products (clips, beads, teethers) treat with your favourite oil (olive, avocado, grape seed etc)

    All teether straps have been third party tested and meet the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act for Toys Regulations SOR/2011-17 section 21 with amendments SOR/2016-195 and SOR/2016-302 and SOR/2018-138 - Celluloid or Cellulose nitrate, and Mechanical and Physical testing.

    Certificates also available for CPSA material testing, and substance testing.